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First things first - Let's find each other.

Sign up for the google group and send out emails to all the classmates we can find. the web address is and the Google Group sign up form is below .

The more people we find ..The more people we find .

Lets search using maiden names and post using old names . It will make life easier

Please Fill out your profile WITH YOUR NAME so we know WHO YOU ARE
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When you are accepted into the Google group you will receive an email with instruction on how to use the group

What you can do to make this happen:

>> Look for classmates
>> Share your skills and abilities
>> Dedicate some time. A little goes a long way.
>> Ask your mother is she knows other mothers
with kids in your class.
>> Start looking for class pictures !!!


"The world is run by people who show up"

Brian Henry


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Current email address:


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